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Updated 8-28-14

Arid Soils
Agricultural Soils

Commission 1.4 (Soil Classification)

Division 1 - International Union of Soil Sciences

MISSION: The mission of the Soil Classification Commission (1.4) is to promote cooperative research, communication and collaboration by Pedologists, Geomorphologists, and other Soil Scientists to discuss, design, maintain, and improve soil classification systems. Many systems support the making of soil surveys. Standardization of description and lab methods and analysis, database values, definitions of diagnostic features, and correlation between systems to facilitate sharing of data and advancing the science are main goals. Click here for a full description of the Commission (scroll down on page).

Communication with other members: To Request being added to the Commission Communications Site (link in left-hand frame), please contact any of the current officers.

Officers (Duties of the Offices)
Chair John Galbraith USA john.galbraith@vt.edu
Vice-Chair Pavel Krasilnikov Russia pavel.krasilnikov@gmail.com
Past Chair Robert Ahrens USA bahrens50@gmail.com
Past Vice-Chair Erika Michéli Hungary Micheli.Erika@mkk.szie.hu
Incoming Chair John Galbraith USA john.galbraith@vt.edu
Incoming Vice-Chair

Augusto Zanella

Italy augusto.zanella@unipd.it
STRUCTURE: The Commission contains two Working Groups and a Committee:

1.1. World Reference Base
Chair: Peter Schad <schad@wzw.tum.de>
Vice-Chair: Cornie van Huysteen <vhuystc@ufs.ac.za>

  1.6. Universal Soil Classification
Chair: Jon Hempel <jon.hempel@lin.usda.gov>
Vice-Chair: Erika Michéli <Micheli.Erika@mkk.szie.hu>

Guy Smith Medal Awarding Committee
Chair: Seppe Deckers, Belgium
Vice-Chair: Lúcia Anjos, Brazil
Voting Member: Maria Gerasimova, Russia


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