Home: Soil Classification 2012: Towards a Universal Soil Classification System

                     Lincoln, Nebraska, USA June 11 – June 14, 2012

                          Program and Papers (28-May, 2011)


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Sessions and Potential  Symposia: 

Plenary, Updates on Working Groups WRB and USCS Classification
Univeral Soil Classification System Roundtable
Discussion of the progress towards developing a Universal Soil Classification System

Numerical and Analytical Soil Classification Methods and Tools
Classification concerns and solutions using numerical classification methods and tools (Ex: Global Soil Map methods, use of smoothing, clustering, centroids, Newhall and Epic Models for soil temperature and moisture regimes)

Tropical and Cold Soil Classification
Classification concerns and solutions (Ex: broad udic soil moisture regime, broad soil temperature regime, subdivision of high Fe-oxide soils, defining the basic soil unit in cryoturbated soils)

Subaqueous Soils and Anthropogenic Soil Classification
Classification concerns and solutions of sunaqueous and Anthropogenic soils

(Ex: urban soils, terraced farming, middens, highly-altered epipedons, or mining)

Tour of the USDA-NRCS National Soil Survey Center and Lab, Urban soils

Field Trip and Workshop
Tour of Loess soils and soils in eastern NE and soils of the Missouri River Floodplain near Omaha, NE.

Closing Ceremony and Dinner


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