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Wetland Mapping Consortium (WMC)

Enhancing Wetland Conservation through Improved Mapping and Monitoring


WMC fosters collaborations and disseminates data and findings for the purpose of enhanced wetland mapping and monitoring.

WMC Objectives:

+ Build collaborative teams to enable rapid and thorough response to calls for relevant proposals.

+ Organize a pool of experts who can respond to requests for more information about wetland mapping techniques and technologies.


Wetland Mapping Information For Visitors

Comparison between aerial photo, lidar, and radar images (left to right) used for detecting wetlands and boundaries of DelMarVa Bays

Links to Wetland Mapping Data:

View Wetlands using Google Earth

Wetlands - Fish & Wildlife National Wetlands Inventory Site

Geospatial Wetlands Data

Download Digital Wetland Data by quad

Download Digital Wetland Data by state

Web Wetland Map Service (WMS)

View Wetlands Data and build a custom map

USGS National Map Program

NOAA Coastal Remote Sensing Program

NOAA Benthic Habitat Mapping Program

NOAA Coastal Change Analaysis Program (C-CAP)

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Information About Wetland Mapping From ASWM:

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Links to Wetland Mapping Standards:

FGDC Wetlands Subcommittee

FGDC Wetlands Mapping Standard

Classification of Wetlands and Deepwater Habitats of the United States

Data Collection Requirements and Procedures

Wetland Map Layers and Metadata

Wetland Map Codes

Obtain Hard-copy Wetland Maps

Help the FWS build the NSDI Wetlands Layer

NSDI Fact Sheet

Attribution and Verification Tool

Other Contributed Wetland Data

Status of Wetlands Layer

OMB Circular A-16

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