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Patricia Donovan


GIS lab manager


Contact info:

Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences Dept.

250 Smyth Hall-0404

Blacksburg, VA24061-0404




Brief biography

Patricia Donovan received a B.S. from University of Minnesota, Duluth in 1989. In 1993, she earned an M.S. degree in geology with an emphasis in geophysics and volcanology from Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff. Before coming to Virginia Tech, she worked for seven years as a research associate at the Center for Marine and Wetland Studies at Coastal Carolina University planning, conducting and processing high resolution seismic reflection and side scan sonar surveys in the nearshore zone along South Carolina. Research projects included the use of high precision GPS equipment and computer communications with a wide variety of marine electronics. At Virginia Tech, she provides geospatial research support for projects including soil reclamation and mine restoration, water quality and environmental management at regional scales, wetland mitigation, and soil fertility management. She manages the CSES Dept. GIS lab software and hardware support, GIS technical support, and GPS equipment.

Occupational Skills

Expertise in geospatial information technologies with focus on soil and terrain analysis, GPS surveying, and spatial-temporal data analysis. Currently responsibilities include geospatial data management for multiple large research projects, information technologies (equipment and software) assessment, management and integration, and GIS instruction. Current interests include refining various international soil databases based on climate, landuse, geology and topography, and geospatial statistics. GIS volunteer with United Nations Volunteers; Languages: English, elementary French


Selected Professional Papers, Reports & Abstracts:

Donovan, P., Daniels, W.L, Beck, M., Orndorff, Z., and J. Galbraith, 2005, Soil Map Analysis and GIS Research Components, Rapid Stabilization/Polymerization of Wet Clay Soils: Final Research Report submitted to U.S. Department of Defense, 21pg.


Donovan, P. and W.L. Daniels, 2005, Geospatial approach to Nitrate-leaching index for Virginia: Proceedings of the 25th International ESRI User Conference, 7pg.

Galbraith, J.M. and P.F. Donovan, 2005, Density of Road Crossings and Drainage of Wetlands in Suburban and Rural Virginia: 8th Annual Wetlands and Watersheds Workshop presentation, Atlantic City, N.J.

Galbraith, J.M., Donovan, P.F., Smith, K.M., and C.E. Zipper, 2003, Using GIS to Predict Wetland Occurrence, Soil Science, vol. 168, no. 8, p.563-575.

Galbraith, J.M., Donovan, P.F., and J. McKennsa, 2003, Challenging the Virginia Agriculture Governorís School Students through GIS Applications: North American College and Teachers of Agriculture Journal, vol. 47, no. 4, p. 28-32.

Zipper, C.E., Donovan-Ealy, P., and Dillaha, T., 2002, Identifying Critical Sediment-Source Areas in the Clinch-Powell Basin: Little River Feasibility Study, Final Report submitted to The Nature Conservancy and Virginia Water Resources Research Center, 52pp.

Donovan-Ealy, P., Gayes, P.T., Harris, M.S., Baldwin, W.E., Wetzell, L., and Mahaffey, E., 1997, Seafloor Mapping and Coastal Change off Myrtle Beach, South Carolina: A Model Region for a Low-Relief Sediment-Starved Coastline, American Geophysical Union Abstracts with Programs.
W.C. Schwab, E R Thieler, D S Foster, J F Denny, B A Swift, W W Danforth, J R Allen, L L Lotto, M A Allison, P T Gayes, P Donovan-Ealy, Mapping the Inner Shelf off Southern Long Island, NY: Implications for Coastal Evolution and Behavior, American Geophysical Union Abstracts with Programs.


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Gayes, P.T. and Donovan-Ealy, P., 1996, Myrtle Beach renourishment project report: Final report submitted to Minerals Management Service, 218 p.


Gayes, P.T. and Donovan-Ealy, P., 1994, Assessment of beach renourishment resources near Folly Beach, South Carolina: Final report submitted to Minerals Management Service, 38p.


Donovan-Ealy, P., Gayes, P.T., Nelson, D.D., Van Dolah, R.F., and Maier, P., 1993, Development of a database of geologic resources and critical habitats on the South Carolina continental shelf: Proceedings of the Geoscience Information Society, vol. 24, p.173-178.


Current Associations: 

American Geophysical Union